Herman Miller

A furniture manufacturer and retailer team up to deliver a new look to small business workspaces and premium office seating.

Art Direction

Herman Miller



In collaboration with photographer Bob Coscarelli, we depart from the neutral workspaces of the suburban corporate world and capture Herman Miller seating in a contemporary urban loft. An aspirational setting for the next generation of small businesses.

My Role

As art director and project lead, I oversaw the entire photo shoot process: approving location, vignette shots, and communicating expectations with all stakeholders.

This project was a joint venture between the manufacturer, Herman Miller, and retailer, Office Designs. This required strong communication, coordination, and review process to ensure sign-off and adherence to branding standards.

Bob Coscarelli

Monica Zaffarano



Develop photography for the Office Designs' Spring catalog in partnership with the manufacturer, Herman Miller. 

I was tasked with telling a story that maintained Herman Miller's high brand standards while communicated a message that would resonate with Office Designs customer base. This photography was shot for several specific touch points, retailer catalog, digital image archive, and print marketing.


Design Approach

Aspirational ergonomic office furniture for the modern urban office professional.

People aspire to own Herman Miller seating. As best-in-classic, their furniture is seen by many as a beautiful blend of form and function. We wanted to capture that aspirational tone while diverging from the typical corporate 100 setting and better appeal to Office Designs' customer base — small businesses, entrepreneurs, interior designers, and career professionals.

Working within a tightly defined budget, we were limited to getting a series of 12 product hero shots in 4 vignettes all during a one day shoot.



An urban loft in Chicago's River North district.

I wanted a location that Office Designs customers could relate too. Since most office furniture is shown is large suburban corporate environments, I wanted this photography to contrast while holding to Herman Miller brand standards.

I settled on an urban loft in Chicago's River North area, across from the Merchandise Mart. This beautiful, and recently remodeled co-working space, was designed with environmental sustainability in mind. All materials were reclaimed and eco-friendly, which complimented Herman Miller's own commitment to sustainability.


Design Execution

12 Product Shots, 4 Vignettes, 1 day.

To adhere to tight budget constrains, we narrowed down a much larger number of vignette options — executive office, collaborative office, workspace office, and lounge.


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